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What We Do


About ZMedia Group

ZMedia is part of the acclaimed recruitment collective, ZBusiness (Group) Limited, which provides first class and rapid results across it's specialist businesses and sectors:


Taking the pain out of recruitment

ZMedia prides itself on following 5 winning rules that best serve both its clients and its candidates.


1. We will only work with the best companies and with candidates we truly believe in

2. We aim to fill vacancies and appoint candidates quickly, without compromising on quality

3. We understand how busy you are, so will do not send the wrong candidates to the wrong jobs. We fully condone less being more when it comes to CV's

4. We uphold absolute confidentiality, both for candidates and for recruiters

5. We work for YOU and will bend over backwards to ensure we provide you the perfect service


So why ZMedia?


Firstly, we believe that relationships are key to all successful businesses. We have a combined industry experience of 30 years and can leverage our contacts to benefit our clients. We've personally worked in industry, up to divisional head level, which means we've done the job and been the hiring manager. We've been there, we understand, we get it. It also means that we've clocked up a lot of contacts over those years, and can open doors where others can't. We have open lines of communication to the top CEO's, down to the newest executives. We want to help you in the most painless way.


How do we do this?


Listening & Questioning

Understanding the specifics of candidates and employers' needs are vital. There is no point giving you an apple if what you wanted was a banana.



We are here to help and can pass on current methods that are working well for those in a similar position.


Hard Work

Recruitment isn't easy. That's why we exist, to help. It's incredibly time consuming, there are lots of calls to make, emails to send, searches to do, marketing to pay for, contacts to lean on and much more besides. We treat every candidate and vacancy with the same respect, regardless of level. We work our backsides off to ensure you don't have to.


We are your arrow. Point us in the right direction and release. We will deliver.

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